10 startups in the food industry that will prevail in the future

These are the ten food business ideas that have competed for the last couple of years in order to become successful start-ups. Which of these businesses do you find the most solid?

Venture capital companies, private investors, world travellers, footballers and world leaders are investing in gastronomic projects. However, it is not just a boom in restaurants or kitchens, but a wave of startups that the food industry is perceiving as the next big business on the planet.

These ten startups all seem very promising and are aiming to be relevant in the food industry for a long time. Which is more attractive to you (market niche, potential in the medium term) at first sight?


This unique enterprise is responsible for the management of unsold food products. Just like a phoenix rising again after dying, this start-up promises to give a second life to food products that either failed to sell or were returned. It’s a very interesting concept from this French start-up.


WiseCrop takes advantage of Big Data that acts as a centralized console for farms and farms. It allows better management of the crops via a organized and smart system, allowing the owners to be able to control the state of their farms through their computer or smartphone.


Aside from big farming corporations there are also smaller individual farmers in the world responsible for a lot of the food products that reach our hands today. Agriledger is a blockchain for small farmers that encourages crop efficiency in developing countries. Not only is the cause noble, but it will also help those countries agriculture develop enough to be able to compete with others.

Wine Outlet

Wine Outlet is responsible from bringing to the home of all its customers the best and most qualified wines in the world. It’s an online service that allows its users to read about and pick the wines they like most and have them delivered to them. The service and quality have made it rise really fast among its wine selling competitors.

Wine glasses


It is no secret that in recent years hydroponic crops have experienced a boom in popularity. As such the need for technology able to better protect, improve and manage them became necessary. Easyponic is the technology (hardware and software) for the physical and legal protection and improvement of hydroponic crops with the aim of obtaining better harvests.


WeFarm connects farmers, even from remote areas without access to the Internet, to share information and resolve questions about land and crops. This is especially useful for smaller farmers who don’t belong to a big network to communicate more easily and better develop their crops.

Perfect Nutrition

Perfect Nutrition is a start-up that provides some of the best food supplements in the world. Their products range from vitamins all the way to chocolate protein bars. The supplement industry is a difficult one but Perfect Nutrition has proven it can make a difference with the start-ups rapid growth.

Steak Tzar Tzar

Not everything that’s part of the food industry is meant to be consumed by us. Steak Tzar Tzar is responsible for the creation of alternative proteins from edible grasshoppers.


Another type of product that helps the food industry but is not directly for us are pesticides and other forms of crops protection. Ec2c has created a technology solution that combines Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in agriculture to combat pests and predict crops.


Finally here’s our very own little servitor. Eskesso has created an incredible kitchen robot that is controlled from a smartphone able to perform a number of complex actions in the kitchen to help us with daily tasks such as cooking.