3 tips to make your restaurant a hit

No one attends a restaurant purely for the food. Your pal might tell you about the amazing risotto they had, but everyone knows that a meal is improved by ambience, hygiene and exemplary service. After all, you’re not going to attend an eatery that’s filled with waiters who ritually ignored you on your first visit.

So this isn’t a restaurant review article or a gripe about poor eateries. This is a set of tips to turn your eating establishment from a dour dive to a gleaming foodies’ paradise. So take a look and gain five stars from every reviewer who wanders through your doors.

Up your washrooms

You’re midway through a lovely meal in a quiet restaurant, but nature is calling. So, excusing yourself from your dinner companion, you wander briskly across the thick red carpet and open the door of the unisex bathroom – and it’s a sight bad enough to put you off your dessert.

Brown marks cling to the u-bend of the toilet, the sink is dredged in lime scale, the curious smell of feet wafts around you nostrils, and the hand dryer wheezes air at you like your granddad’s last dying breath.

Then you go back to your table with wet hands and the faint aroma of fecal matter circling around you, while your dinner companion looks at you with dismay.

No one would want this to happen to them in a restaurant. So why would you want your customers to endure the same situation?

For high-quality washroom hygiene services, we’d recommend Initial for your restaurant. They’ll provide a washroom that will make even the biggest hygiene obsessive more comfortable in your business.

busy restaurant

Turn the lights down low

There’s something about lighting levels that makes the human mind change. Nightclubs are shrouded in darkness and make people act like animals. Like werewolves under a full moon, the difference between night and day means a lot to the human psyche.

That’s why a dimmer switch is a vital investment to any restaurant owner wishing to pinpoint a precise lighting ambience for hungry stomachs and romantic evening meals.

Service to a tee

Everyone’s been served by a waiter who looks like they’ve got a stick up their posterior. They’ll take your order with a grimace, clatter your meal onto the table and expect a tip for their troubles.

They’ve got a lot of nerve, those waiters, but it’s their bosses who are really at fault. Without top-notch training, it’s unlikely that most waiters will be able to maintain their polite demeanour when faced with a rude customer. Make sure they’re polite, pleasant and knowledgeable about the menu at all times and your restaurant will leave customers smiling with every visit.