4 Ways to salvage dishes that have gone wrong

Like mom always says, waste not, want not. There is no reason to throw away food that can be saved from disaster.


Oops!, Oh no!,  Wait, that’s not what I read in the recipe and the famous, what on earth is that?! – are all words anyone who cooks has uttered in disappointment. When a dish goes wrong, we blame ourselves in the process. There are three type of cooks in this word: Those who cook with ease, those who fight a losing battle against the paprika and those who ask what is paprika? No matter which of these you are, if something goes horribly wrong with your dish, there are ways you can salvage it.

Too salty

No salt in your food, means there is no love in your food. On the other hand too much salt doesn’t mean there is too much love. No, it means high blood pressure. After you have over salted your dish, staring at it won’t release the saltiness. The only way to salvage your dish is to add more ingredients or stock to your food. If you made a pasta dish, adding milk will most definitely take away the saltiness. Potato has also been known the absorb salt. Peel, and add the whole potato to your broth. The golden rule for salt is this; salt as you go.

Too spicy

Your only saviour in this scenario is dairy. Dairy will salvage any spicy food, all you need to do is add spoons of yogurt or sour cream to take the strong tang away. Nut butters will also mellow out the spiciness, but keep in mind that the butter taste has to compliment the rest of the ingredients. If you have gone overboard with the chilli, remember your hero named dairy.

Too bitter

The culprit in this case is usually the veggie called brussels sprouts. If you have gotten carried away by a sense of bitter taste all you can do is add sugar to your dish. Also try not to overcook green veggies in your smeg ovens, the longer they cook, the bitter the taste.

Too sweet

Not all main courses wants to be sweet, especially if you’re having a sweet dessert afterward. Everyone’s taste buds need a break after that anyway. But if your main has more of a sweet than sour taste to it, add a little lemon juice or a dash of vinegar into the mix. Avoid salt at all cost as this will only heighten the sweet taste.