Best restaurants in South Africa

Level Four Restaurant & Champagne Bar , Rosebank, South Africa

Pleasant company, good food and exceptional wine bring South Africans together. It is not a secret that food has always, and will be the heart of any gathering that brings people together. Breaking bread was one of the truest forms of socialisation in the old days and it remains a common trend that will be with us for a lifetime.

The test kitchen – Woodstock, Cape Town

This tiny gem in the heart of Cape Town leaves a long waiting list for visitors all over the world to get a booking.  The food, the service and the elegance of it all is breathtaking and  astounding to say the least. Dale-Roberts, is a third time winner of Restaurant of the Year and is now featured on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Five hundred – Sandton, Johannesburg

Jozzi does not only produce the world’s best dancers or the best business schools in johannesburg, it also has a flavourful taste in restaurants. Chef David Higgs’s knows what he is on about when he presents the exquisite elegance and flair of a unique place to come and share a meal with friends and family. The menu is all about letting  individual ingredients come through to burst your tastebuds with magic.

The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Français – Franschhoek, Western Cape

The room is filled with a unique African presence that has the best,and most adhered to visual surprises of all time. The menu speaks volumes with innovative cuisine and freedom of experimentation. If you are looking for Africa with a twist then head over to Franschhoek. This place is culinary storytelling at its best.

Rust en Vrede – Stellenbosch, Western Cape

The heart of Stellenbosch is not the good wine or scenic routes, it’s the magnificent diamond found in the middle of it all. The attention to detail in the restaurant is captivating with it’s own twist to keep things going. There is a splendid ensemble of mini breads with goats butter to get every hunger pang to disappear as you wait on your meal.