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Kitchen hacks all foodies need to know

All food lovers who enjoy cooking will likely have a section on their bookshelf dedicated to their cookbooks, plus they’ll have several of their favourite recipes stashed away and bookmarked…


You feeling the burn of choosing the perfect stove?

If you’re house proud then you’re likely to be deeply invested in your kitchen. After all, it is often the most visited room in the home. Nowadays, kitchens are commonly…


Learn how to cook without taking cooking classes

Do you always say you need to learn how to cook, yet you never find the time to do so? If endless hours in the kitchen has only left you…

After photos of the Perrota Kitchen. As seen on HGTV's Kitchen Cousins.

Designing a kitchen to impact your cooking

Creative design meets functionality – this is what every interior designer is thinking when giving a kitchen a makeover. Your kitchen should be visually appealing, yet still have a basic…


Hosting a tea party the way the Queen does

Sipping on afternoon tea, surrounded by a breathtaking setting filled with fresh flowers and floral decor, as a light breeze flows through your hair, sounds like a scene from a…

grand latte

The price of a Grande Latte around the world

They call it a “Grande Latte” as though it were still the preserve of Italian coffee lovers – but that most comforting of coffee drinks is now an international luxury….

Great French Cheese

The Best Places to Buy Cheese in Paris

It may be a little cheesey to even make the comment, but in the case of France, having a national icon that tastes better the more pungent it smells is…