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Learn how to cook without taking cooking classes

Do you always say you need to learn how to cook, yet you never find the time to do so? If endless hours in the kitchen has only left you…


Simple hacks to stay healthy

Most of us want to eat better. We want ways to manage our food intake in a way that benefits us. Unfortunately, we obviously all love tasty meals and might…


The cyclist diet

A cyclist’s diet needs to consist of a healthy, balanced diet that is filled with carbohydrates, fat, nutrients and protein. The right diet for a cyclist could be the difference…

Eating healthy this new year

Once the junkfood season subsides, it’s time for healthy living once more. Letting go of this bad eating habit will be a hard one to let go off. But it’s…

good food

Health foods that actually taste great

There is always a new fad going around when it comes to eating healthy. Women and men alike will talk about the latest food fad that is said to be…


Health tips for meat eaters

Being a meat eater does not have to mean being unhealthy. Almost always we associate meat eating with lifestyle choices that indicate fattening or other harmful kinds of living; but…


Simple tips for healthy eating

Most of us think that healthy eating means making dramatic changes to our lives. While this can be true, especially if we’ve never considered how to eat healthy, it need…

Vegetarian Slice -

Beetroot and Zucchini Vegetarian Slice

This vegetarian slice is simple and easy to put together, and is exceptionally full of flavour and goodness, with beetroot, zucchini, parsley and spinach.  Eaten hot or cold, we’re pretty…

guilt free chocolate mousse

Guilt Free, Low Fat Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Surprisingly, it’s frequently not actually the chocolate in the dessert that is especially bad for you – it’s the other ingredients that pile on the fat. So, by eliminating butter, egg yolks and cream from the recipe, as well as reducing the amount of sugar, you can reduce the amount your calorie intake.

Tuna Pita Sandwich

Healthy Recipe: Tuna Pita Sandwich

Don’t settle for any old sandwich when you can get a tuna pita jam-packed with vitamins, like this one. A great way to satisfy the appetites of even the most active of athletes, or workaholics. Serves 4.