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RECIPE: Chocolate Fondue Dessert

Christine Watson of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes: Chocolate is my absolute favourite food and this would have to be the most simple, not to mention absolutely delicious, dessert.   This has the flavours of a Toblerone chocolate – another of my favourites.

200 Year Old Bottle of Shipwrecked Champagne Sold for World Record

One of the 140 bottles of 200 year old Veuve Clicquot champagne discovered amongst a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea last year was recently purchased at auction for a world record price.

Twister Restaurant Concept in Kiev, Ukraine: Sumptuous Design That’s Good Enough to Eat

When a restaurant “looks” sumptuous from the moment you walk in, your dining experience is already enhanced even before you’ve taken a bite of food. Twister is a restaurant proposed for Kiev, Ukraine by designers Sergey Makhno & Vasily Butenko. The furniture & sculptured interiors are outstanding.

Danish Restaurant Noma Voted Best in the World

The San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, organised by Restaurant magazine, is an annual snapshot of the opinions and experiences of over 800 international restaurant industry experts. The winners were announced in April and the Danish restaurant Noma in Copenhagen has stayed in the number one spot for a second year in a row.

The Top 10 New Restaurants in the United States

OpenTable has come up with a list of the 10 hottest restaurants to open in the United States over the past year, based on over seven million reviews by the ultimate critics – the diners.

How to be a Connoisseur: Best Cheese Pairing with Champagne

With the help of a few friends in various countries and their various palates, the Marquette Turner teamhave compiled a list of cheeses that go excellently with Champagne (or sparkling wine if you happen to be enjoying the bottled fizz from a region other than that in France).

RECIPE: Our Very Special Fried Rice

Our very special fried rice is an excellent way to use leftovers. We love having it on a Friday lunchtime where we get to mix all the healthy and fulfilling food that’s been left after a week of great food. It’s quick, is always different and is, well, very special. By Christine Watson of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes.

RECIPE: Egg Caviar Dip

This recipe for Egg Caviar Dip given to luxury real estate agent Christine Watson of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes by a school Mum.  In fact, her Mum gave it to every other Mum in the school as this dip was in plentiful supply at all school social events. Just as well it tasted fabulous!

HEALTH TIP: A Better Breakfast

Increase your potential to burn up to 50% more fat during a post breakfast workout by eating a breakfast rich in carbohydrates that do not cause a spike in blood sugars, such as muesli, yogurt and skimmed milk.  A breakfast consisting of white bread and cornflakes makes your blood sugars rise sharply.

RECIPE: Fish Pie

This delicious fish pie recipe is a favourite of Sydney real estate agent Christine Watson, of luxury real estate agency Marquette Turner Luxury Homes. The best thing about it is that you can alter the types of fish you use to create relatively different dishes.