Designing a kitchen to impact your cooking

After photos of the Perrota Kitchen. As seen on HGTV's Kitchen Cousins.

Creative design meets functionality – this is what every interior designer is thinking when giving a kitchen a makeover. Your kitchen should be visually appealing, yet still have a basic design that gives you the freedom to cook and explore.


Give your kitchen a makeover


Renovating your kitchen doesn’t simply happen when you decide to use a new brand of spices or when you’ve seen fridges for sale in your local newspaper. The change comes when you decide to renovate and give your kitchen an entirely new look. The living room, bedrooms and even the bathroom are often given a makeover, but somehow the kitchen remains the same. A kitchen with an abundance of colourful cooking utensils that complement the wall and cabinet colour, is one that can inspire even the most inexperienced cook. If your food lacks imagination, you can be sure that a vibrant kitchen will inspire your inner Jamie Oliver to come out.


For a fun and lively kitchen you can splash a bright colour on the walls. Move away from white or beige and consider lime green with white outlines along the sides. A white kitchen cupboard with mosaic pieces in the doors is another way to add colour to unimaginative kitchen cupboards. The contrast between colour and texture will give your kitchen a unique touch. Use colourful cookware that will give your dishes a bit of flair.


Experience change in the way you cook


Your kitchen should feel inviting and make you feel like you want to cook. It shouldn’t be packed with equipment and utensils you don’t want to use. There’s no point in having your kitchen looking like a picture from a magazine when you don’t feel invited to cook in it.


You should feel inspired to whip up something the moment your eyes hit the stove. Red is not only a colour we associate with love, but also a colour we subconsciously gravitate toward when we’re hungry. You’ll notice that many major fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC have red as a feature colour in their branding. They incorporate this colour to wake up the part of the brain that says, “I want to eat that”. Add touches of red to your kitchen to wake up those senses.


Major television broadcasters which host cooking shows have vibrant kitchens where the stars of the show do their work. The audience needs to be drawn in and “wowed”. This can only happen if the set looks appealing. The way your kitchen looks can directly impact your cooking experience. A fun, vibrant kitchen will get you in the mood to cook new and exciting meals.