Eating healthy this new year

Eat_Healthy_To_Keep_Your_Teeth_HealthyOnce the junkfood season subsides, it’s time for healthy living once more. Letting go of this bad eating habit will be a hard one to let go off. But it’s all up to you to make the right choice and choose to live a fulfilling life by starting with your health. Take your dog for a run, swim in the pool instead of just floating above the water and drink plenty of water.


If it comes from the ground, eat it. All products that are organically grown are good for you. Foods that you don’t know where they came from, besides the aisle, should be avoided. Unprocessed, whole foods will give you the most benefits, in terms of healthy living. Food processing removes all the nutrients, antioxidants and fibre from the produce.


Take a look at the back of the box. Pay no attention to the advertising that looks appealing and healthy, the real health information of the product is on its labeling. The more ingredients, the more likely it has visited a few processing plants where something artificial was mixed in.


If it crunches, get it. That being said, it should be a healthy crunch, like a celery stick, apples, nuts, but definitely not chips. The more you chew, the slower you eat and the more time your body has realise that it has been satisfied. There is no need to get out the cast iron pots to boil vegetables, they can be enjoyed raw as well.


Don’t give into the fruit flavour con. In every product that states it has a particular fruity flavour, don’t believe it because there is no fruit in the actual flavour. Natural only means the additive came from a plant or an animal, which may not be as healthy as it sounds. These are only flavours that are scientifically created, and don’t even taste anything like the real deal.


Keep sweet cravings at bay. Sugary carbs can be the most damaging to your health. They may give you a hyped up feeling for a few hours, but once the sugar wears off, it leaves you feeling sluggish. If you are craving something sweet try fruit, lowfat yogurt and honey.