Health foods that actually taste great

good food

There is always a new fad going around when it comes to eating healthy. Women and men alike will talk about the latest food fad that is said to be the next best thing. Whether it is in the grocer, the gym, or the play park -people talk about being healthy and how they feel about it. In the grocery store you’ll overhear one person the next, “Yes, I’ve heard that too. Is it actually true?” With the amount of information flying around, it’s hard to tell what is made up and what is not.

The foods you should know of that are extremely beneficial to you


Avos are healthy, delicious, nutritious and filling. The great thing about avocados are that it is an anytime snack. You can have avo for breakfast, lunch and supper. Studies have been done and found that avos can reduce the risk of heart disease. It positively benefit our cardiovascular system in a number of ways due to its low saturated fat and high unsaturated fat content

Bell peppers

Yummy on the braai when making an assortment of lovely flavoured food skewers, bell peppers have been known to be an absolute winner all the time. A crisp and tangy bell pepper will give you the nutritionally strong body. Bell pepper is a very good source of vitamin E at about 1.45 milligrams per cup, and it contains more than 30 different carotenoids, including excellent amounts of beta-carotene and zeaxanthin. Both of these carotenoids provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits.


Mushrooms are perfect when sautéed and a splash of white wine added to it, and then cooked until evaporated in your cast iron pots. Mushrooms can be used at a meaty substitute and can cut up to 400 calories from a meal! Studies have shown that they may also aid in protecting against breast cancer and help regulate a woman’s estrogen levels.


Lentils are the protein powerhouse and has holds to key to flush out folate, a nutrient that may prevent certain birth defects. They are perfect in salads when cooked up with extra-virgin olive oil, chopped celery and red wine vinegar, filled with fresh thyme.

Packed with monounsaturated fatty acids, which keep blood vessels healthy. The plant fibers help lower cholesterol.

These are the foods you need to keep you living a good life with added health benefits.