Hosting a tea party the way the Queen does


Sipping on afternoon tea, surrounded by a breathtaking setting filled with fresh flowers and floral decor, as a light breeze flows through your hair, sounds like a scene from a movie. Light-hearted banter when hosting a fabulous tea party with friends is something that you can have in your own world, not just on TV. Hosting an afternoon tea comes with its perks you get to select the finger foods and the budget is entirely your call.


What you need


A tiered cake stand is the one item a tea party cannot do without. Place it in the centre of your table with other delicious decadents around. If you don’t have a cake stand then get out your finest crockery and sass it up with beautiful lace doilies. You will also need folded napkins that match your theme. For a special touch you can add name tags assigned to each seat. Most importantly don’t forget your cutlery, teapot, teacups and dessert plates.


Setting up the decor


If you’re struggling with decor ideas keep this in mind: start with the colour of your curtains and have them match your table cloth. Work your way through with this colour scheme in mind. If you are  hosting a garden tea party, the table cloth can be any colour of your choice. If you don’t have any floral material at hand, head off to the fabric shop. Buy floral and striped material by the metre. Use the fabric to string up bunting for your table.


When guests arrive


Ensure your sugar and milk is on the table, ready for guests to add to their tea as they sit. An ensemble of teas is always good to have. Not everyone drinks the same kind of tea and having a variety of teas means you are a considerate host.


Teas to provide:

  • Camomile
  • Five Roses
  • Earl Grey
  • Peppermint
  • Fruit
  • Herbal


Preparing your spread

Finger foods will be the order of the day. An assortment of sandwiches, a number of cakes and a serving of scones should be presented. For an extra touch of yummy treats, throw in pastries, petit fours and biscuits.

When sending out your invitations, have your guests arrive in fancy attire. The bliss of having a formal tea party is all about the little details that goes into it. Your theme can be fancy hats where all guests need to come in an outstanding hat of their choice. This will add to the fun and make your tea party more memorable.