Househould hacks for 2016


Source: Lisa Williams / Flickr

Everyone wants to run their household more efficiently. We want to achieve our goals, whether daily or longterm, in as short a time as possible. No one wants to be sitting for days or hours trying to finish tasks. We’d much rather be elsewhere, doing the things we love. No one ever complained about having too few sheets to fold!

To that end, we should find ways to “hack” these tasks, so they’re faster and at times fancier than how we would’ve done them before.

Hack eggs

Our first concern is cooking, of course, but we’ll see how these ideas of smart can go wider. For example, peeling eggs is always a hassle. No one wants to spend ages trying to negotiate shells and skin. Tim Ferris, who’s made a career out of shortening other careers, has a fancy method.

Lifehacker summarises Ferris’ idea:

“Add baking soda to the water you’re boiling the eggs with, which, incidentally, should leave two inches of water over the tops of the eggs. Then, as usual, you quickly cool down the eggs after about 12 minutes of slow boiling, using ice and cold water. Finally, you take the steps Ferriss demonstrates in the video: tap and remove a little shell on each end, then blow through one end to extract the egg through the shell.”

But that’s just one example. Other hacks are simpler: For example, simply cut the egg in half and scoop out the white from the shell. Indeed, there are entire articles dedicated to cooking eggs more efficiently.  

Doing duvets right

While we’re in this mode of hacking our household, we should consider our bedrooms. Consider this hack by the Domestic Geek to put duvet covers on efficiently.  We must first wash the covers inside out, then let it dry. Then we reach into the duvet, locate its far corners, grab onto them, and line up the bedding with each inside edge. Then we simply flip the entire thing over and shake it out — gravity does the rest.

But duvets and eggs aren’t the only things we can hack at home. For example, why not try folding your clothes vertically? This allows for more storage and makes them more accessible. No more digging around through layers when everything is immediately accessible and saves space.

It’s a simple process and can be done by anyone. It’s simply a matter of readjusting how we normally approach tidying.

These are just some ways to tack the “hack” mindset to wider aspects of our home.