How to prepare the perfect spring picnic!


The cold months are finally behind us and we can look forward to longer days and the delicious feel of actual sunlight on our skin. What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than with an outdoor picnic?

Invite a few of your friends to enjoy the perfect spring picnic.

The setting

Obviously the setting will be outdoors. More specifically, you want an environment where you can take in the colourful splendor that comes with spring. Is there a park near you where you can marvel at the blossoms? If not, perhaps you or someone in your acquaintance has a garden with a lot of flowers.

You also want to try aim for a pleasant day without wind, and arguably the best time of day for a spring picnic is in the morning when the air is fresh.

The snacks

What kind of food suits a spring picnic? That would be tapas and light snacks, not something heavy. Fruit, gherkins, cheese, cold meats, preserves, crackers and olives are other tasty snacks to have on offer.

Salads are good to have, but use the salad in a mason jar method. This is where the dressing goes in the bottom along with the olives and harder vegetables, while the softer vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce goes on top. Only mix the ingredients when you’re ready to eat. The result is a picnic-ready salad that won’t go soggy!

If it’s not too early in the morning, a rose or light white wine will round out your refreshments splendidly.

The rest

A spring picnic should be light, fun and easy going, so don’t try too hard to make a big deal of the event. Try and make it as convenient as possible for you and your guests. This means not travelling too far for your picnic spot, relying just on a blanket and perhaps a few pillows rather than dragging along chairs, and bringing refreshments that create as little trash as possible that needs to be disposed of afterwards.