Kitchen hacks all foodies need to know


All food lovers who enjoy cooking will likely have a section on their bookshelf dedicated to their cookbooks, plus they’ll have several of their favourite recipes stashed away and bookmarked in an old notebook. You’ll have cooked roasts before, tried your hand at a couple of baked treats and you definitely know your way around any kitchen. Kitchen hacks don’t require you to have any fancy gizmos. Most of the things you need you already have lying around in your home.


Reuse pickle brine

Pickle brine can be reused as a sweet and tangy syrup for other veggies you have left in the fridge. Chop up a few slices of cucumber into the leftover brine in the pickle jar. Store the jar of vegetables in the refrigerator for a few days and add the infused cucumber slices into a freshly made green salad. For an added kick, drop vegetables like green beans, carrots or radishes into the brine. Be sure to parboil the vegetables before adding them to the jar.


Easily remove eggshells

There’s always a stray piece of eggshell left floating in the bowl. To remove bits of cracked egg, simply wet your finger in water before trying to remove it. The water acts as a magnet, attracting the shell to your finger.


Burnt biscuits

Somehow there’s always a biscuit or two that’s slightly scorched. Don’t throw away burnt biscuits. Rather, brush a grater over the burnt side of the biscuits to buff away all the scorched bits.


Measuring sticky ingredients

It may seem pointless measuring ingredients like honey or peanut butter when the majority ends up sticking to the bottom of the cup. This means you won’t get the correct amount. When measuring thick, sticky ingredients, spray the measuring cup with nonstick cooking spray to allow the ingredients to slide out with ease.


DIY cooking spray

If you forgot to add cooking spray to your grocery list you can simply make your own mixture. Use one part oil, five parts water and a squirt bottle. This homemade cooking spray mixture  works so well you might decide never to buy cooking spray from the store again.


New appliance or secondhand appliance?

Unfortunately, there are no hacks for broken kitchen appliances. The only tip for a broken fridge is to replace it by buying a fridge for sale. Replacing old or broken kitchen appliances with brand new ones might not make your cooking any better than an older model. If you can purchase a secondhand appliance for a fraction of the price go for it. Your cooking won’t taste any worse.