Learn how to cook without taking cooking classes


Do you always say you need to learn how to cook, yet you never find the time to do so? If endless hours in the kitchen has only left you with burnt chicken or mushy rice, then it’s a clear indicator you need more than just a simple recipe book to get you away from a takeaway menu.


Be realistic about your expectations


If you have a recipe you’d like to prepare, keep in mind the goal isn’t to prepare something fancy. It’s during the process of trying to spruce up your meal with garnishes or an added bit of spice, where you may end up losing the plot. Your end result should only be to cook a good, satisfying meal. Learning how to cook isn’t something that happens overnight. But it can be as easy as buying a fridge for sale at your favourite homeware store. You need to spend a lot time in the kitchen to fully understand and develop the basic processes of what goes into each meal. This is how you’ll become comfortable with your cooking equipment and learn how to experiment with flavours.


Keep track of what you learn


A sure way to pick up excellent cooking tips is to watch cooking shows on television. However, the only way to remember different flavour profiles is to cook and taste. The various ingredients used to create a dish will allow you to develop your senses in knowing what works well together and what doesn’t. Taste profiling can’t be taught from a chef on a cooking show, it’s something that will come naturally to you with practice.


Feel free to explore your options


If cooking only consisted of following recipes, we’d never have amazing dishes. Recipes are a series of steps that can be followed, but not necessarily. A basic recipe isn’t set in stone and therefore can be easy to swap in different ingredients to your dish. You are able to customise any recipe to your preference and still have tasty results. Be sure to follow the basic formulas but when it comes to changing up your ingredients a lot more can be done to your dish.


Make grocery store shopping a habit


Incorporate grocery shopping into your regular routine. This way it won’t feel like a hassle or going out of your way to stock up on new ingredients. Having basic spices and ingredients in your pantry will also entice you to cook something instead of ordering in. Familiarise yourself with the shop layout to quickly pick up everything you need. Make a list that corresponds to the store’s layout to methodically move through each section of the shop without having to walk in circles.