Party like you’re in pre-school

kids birthday party

Getting older is no joke. As the years go by, the responsibilities pile up and “play time” gets reserved for special occasions. Eventually even birthdays can lose their spark and become something you start to dread. The older you get, the less you want to celebrate.

There is, however, a cure for this. To make turning a year older something to look forward to, throw yourself a party. But not just any party… throw yourself a kid’s party. Nothing will bring back the joy of youth more than pretending you never grew up.

Set up jungle gyms, rent a jumping castle, and buy party hats in bulk. Decorate with bright colours, balloons, and streamers. You can even plan your favourite childhood games, such as “pass the parcel” or musical chairs.

Of course, you may want to put a grown-up twist on the classic kids menu.


Okay, so you can offer juice boxes to those who don’t drink, but you can also have some fun with the alcoholic options. Instead of wine glasses and tumblers, use sippy cups (at least there won’t be any spilling on your furniture). If you want to get a little wild, make some jelly shots with vodka or put out little bowls of Rummy Bears on the snack table.


Every kid’s party has a designated snack table and you have to go with tradition here. Fill toy sand buckets and brightly-coloured bowls with chips and popcorn. And don’t forget that children rely on a sugar rush at parties, so make sure you have every kind of lollipop and sweet you can think of.

Main course

Kids don’t like to sit still so don’t serve the main meal at a dining room table. Rather serve platters that people can pick at while they “play”. Serve mini gourmet hamburgers, toasted cheese triangles, and mac & cheese in little pots.


Let your guests decorate their own cupcakes. You can get different colours of icing, sprinkles, and edible stars and hearts. Make sure your guests do their best work by handing out a prize for the best cupcake. Of course, you can also go the traditional route with a superhero or Disney inspired cake.

Gift bags

Don’t let your guests walk away empty handed. Create your own little “party packs”. Use the bags designed for kids, but fill them with more age-appropriate treats (mini bottles of liquor or Lindor chocolate truffles).

Remember the type of party that you dreamed about as a child? Well, now is your chance to have it. And because you can finally make all the decisions, you don’t have to invite any unwanted guests or serve any treats you don’t want to eat.