RECIPE: Chocolate Fondue Dessert

Simon Turner of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes:

Chocolate is my absolute favourite food and this would have to be the most simple, not to mention absolutely delicious, dessert.   This has the flavours of a Toblerone chocolate – another of my favourites. This is also a favourite of my son James, who is also turning out to be a great cook and entertainer.


1 Fondue Pot

2 Blocks Plain Milk Chocolate

200gms Thick Cream

1 Cup Honey

1 Punnet Strawberries (washed and hulled)

6 Bananas (cut into 2 cm pieces – squeeze lemon on pieces to stop them browning)



Break half the chocolate into squares and place in the fondue pot

Using a saucepan of boiling water or microwave oven slowly melt chocolate, stirring constantly.

When melted, add half the honey and continue to heat through.

Add half the cream. Stir thoroughly.

Remove fondue pot from stove or microwave and place on fondue burner. Serve with a platter of strawberries and bananas. Other fruits can be used, but banana and strawberry are my favourites.

I usually only use half the ingredients, as the fondue does not last long and it is quick and easy to “do it all again”.