RECIPE: Thai Beef Salad

Thai food is one of my favourites and I was given this recipe a number of years ago and it is the best Thai salad I have ever made.

This is fabulous for a casual summer lunch.



1Kg Piece of Lean Rump or Sirloin Steak

¼ Cup Corriander Leaves, chopped

2 Cloves Garlic, chopped

2 Tblsp Soy Sauce

2 Tblsp Fresh Lime Juice

1 Tblsp Brown Sugar

2 Spanish (red) Onions, finely sliced

4 Red Fresh Chilis, cut into strips

½ Cup Fresh Mint Leaves

1 Punnet Cherry Tomatoes

Lettuce Leaves


Roast beef rare to medium (usually 30-45 minutes) and leave to rest and cool.

Mix coriander leaves, garlic, soy sauce, lime juice, fish sauce and sugar in a food processor, and blend to a smooth paste (marinade).

Slice cooled beef as thin as possible. Toss meat into the marinade paste with half of the mint leaves. Leave meat in marinade for at least 30 minutes.

To serve, arrange lettuce leaves on a platter or bowl. Spread the beef onto the lettuce leaves, then top with sliced onion, cherry tomatoes, chillis and the remaining mint leaves.