Simple tips for healthy eating


Most of us think that healthy eating means making dramatic changes to our lives. While this can be true, especially if we’ve never considered how to eat healthy, it need not be the case entirely. After all, we can make anything into a habit; and we can adjust to all sorts of changes in how we live, once we get used to it.

One of the easiest, but most important, health changes we can and must make is our eating habits.

We don’t often stop to consider that we even have eating habits, until we stop to take note of what our daily life is like. For example, many of us start our morning with coffee. But how do we take it? Do we add milk? Sugar? By simply cutting out sugar, we do our bodies a great service. As WebMD highlights:

“In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), people who ate the largest amounts of added sugar had the highest bloodtriglyceride levels and the lowest HDL (good) cholesterol levels. That study also showed that eating lots of sugar more than tripled the odds of having low HDL cholesterol levels, a strong risk factor for heart disease.”

But coffees are not the only ways we take sugar: cakes, cookies, doughnuts all have very high sugar in them. Beverages are notorious for their amount of sugar they contain. As Livestrong points out: “A 12-ounce can of regular Coke contains 39 grams of total sugar, which is about 9 1/3 teaspoons of sugar.” If you want a helpful way to be put off consuming coke, consider nine teaspoons of sugar are entering your system!

Another important way to eat better is to consider just how your food is being cooked. A renowned healthier option is to cook using an oven as opposed to a stove. You should get yourself a good type, such as a Smeg ovens, which can last you a long time, but also provide you with consistent excellent performance. While they might cost a bit more to use, at the end, they provide tasty food without the dangers of unhealthy oils.

Large parts of our eating habits need not be negated; for example, we all enjoy snacking. But that doesn’t mean snacking on unhealthy foods. You can obtain delicious snacks, such as nuts, fruit and all manner of healthier options. Again, the point is, you don’t need to default to unhealthy behaviour just because you’ve always done it – simply buying dried fruit, for example, instead of crisps can make a remarkable difference to your life.