Spring picnic ideas for your inner foodie

spring-picnicSpring has sprung and it’s a truly gorgeous season. It’s during the spring season that you can see flowers you’ve never noticed before in full bloom and creatures coming out to play. This is the season to get outdoors and explore. It’s not quite summertime but it’s certainly flower time and there’s no better way to enjoy nature than by heading out to find a picnic spot. There are many beautiful nature reserves and botanical gardens in and around South Africa that you can enjoy. However, the most important part of a picnic is what you bring to eat and drink.


Here are some splendid foodie ideas on what to make for your springtime picnic.


More than just jam in a jar


Mason jars are all the rage and you can use them for many different things. This is an extremely safe and cost-effective way of transporting your drinks as the lids sea the jars shut and they’re a once-off buy whereas as purchasing juice boxes each time becomes expensive. You can also brew your own ice tea, make fruit infused water or your speciality cocktail if you’re planning a celebratory picnic and they’ll look gorgeous in these jars. Pair them with a fancy straw and you’ll be the talk of the town, or at least your friendship circle.


Layers and deconstructed ingredients is a popular foodie trend


Use the jars for food stuffs too. Layered breakfasts, salads and snacks are very trendy at the moment. By layering the foods in the jars you’re able to keep them compact but still have them remain in their deconstructed form. You could make up muesli, yoghurt and fruit jars, a gorgeous caprese salad or a mediterranean delight made up of chicken strips, olives, feta with a balsamic glaze. There are many different options and they’re so easy to make.


You can’t go wrong with pasta


A traditional pasta dish is an excellent choice for a picnic. Most pasta can be served at room temperature, so you can be really creative with what you decide to make. Easy and popular pasta dishes that work well hot or cold are pesto pasta and chicken, olive oil, garlic and herbs with mushrooms or your staple of tuna, corn, carrot and 1000 Island sauce.


Make skewer concoctions to delight

Being healthy is top of mind for most people nowadays. Everybody has either tried or is trying to cut out carbs and stick to a paleo or banting type of diet. One way to make this type of eating exciting is to create exciting pairings. So consider grabbing some cold meats, salad items and fruit and make skewers. Some popular pairings are the likes of prosciutto, melon and mozzarella or ham, cheese and tomato. For a super easy but much loved concoction, skewer some bacon wrapped around dried prunes. This pairing will never let you down, your family and friends are bound to love it.