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200 Year Old Bottle of Shipwrecked Champagne Sold for World Record

One of the 140 bottles of 200 year old Veuve Clicquot champagne discovered amongst a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea last year was recently purchased at auction for a world record price.

How to be a Connoisseur: Best Cheese Pairing with Champagne

With the help of a few friends in various countries and their various palates, the Marquette Turner teamhave compiled a list of cheeses that go excellently with Champagne (or sparkling wine if you happen to be enjoying the bottled fizz from a region other than that in France).

RECIPE: Champagne Prawn Risotto

Typically when making risotto, hot stock is used to cook the rice. This recipe is a little different – as are the flavours. Luxury real estate agent Christine Watson of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes explains this recipe that makes a great entrée or main meal