The cyclist diet


A cyclist’s diet needs to consist of a healthy, balanced diet that is filled with carbohydrates, fat, nutrients and protein. The right diet for a cyclist could be the difference between an epic race or a failed one. By following the cyclist diet guide you are bound to improve your performance and overall health.This can only be achieved by making sacrifices and sticking to routine.


Fuel up on health foods


Stock up on your supply of vitamin B12 and include it into your hearty breakfast cereals. What’s more, the recommended way to protect your muscle mass is with protein sources like tofu, almonds, black beans, and oatmeal. Applying a source of iron to your diet is a good way for Vitamin C to be absorbed naturally. Combine iron-rich food and Vitamin C such as steel-cut oats and strawberries, spinach salad with citrus and a bean burrito and salsa.


Recommended dietary plan

A good diet is as good as having well fitted bicycle parts. Throughout the day you are going to need a burst of energy to keep you sustained and to avoid feeling sluggish.

BreakfastAvoid all high fat content breakfast meals such as fried bacon and sausages. Instead, have oats or boiled eggs.

Mid morning snack Always try to avoid yummy treats or endless cups of coffee. Having fruit or yogurt will sustain you until lunch time.

Lunch If you have leftover pasta from the night before then heat some up for lunch. A whole wheat sandwich is filling and healthy for lunch time meals. If you’re craving fried chips for lunch, have a jacket potato instead.

Mid afternoon snackSnack on apples, bananas, pears or a pack of unsalted nuts.

Evening meal Prepare wholesome chicken, fish or lean meat with with fresh vegetables, pasta or rice.

Pre bedtimeAvoid soda drinks before bedtime, have a milky drink instead.


Homemade sports drink

This coconut and watermelon sports drink is sure to give you a much needed boost before your training. Not only will the watermelon help reduce muscles soreness, but the fruit is known to beneficial to your heart as it is rich in lycopene.


How to:

  • 1 cup of watermelon cubes
  • 1 cup of coconut water
  • squees of lime

Blend all the ingredients together for a wonderful, hearty watermelon shake. Add a pinch of salt to bring out the watermelon flavour.