The do’s and dont’s of high end restaurants

high end restuTop notch, high end restaurants aren’t like your conventional food places. A high end, five star quality place to eat has everything on point. Their staff, the decor, the food, the atmosphere – all of these play a vital role in maintaining the five star quality. As an employee of one of these establishments, you will find yourself always stressing to look your best and produce the best service that money provides. Management has a select few of quality people they employ, as to keep the service on top notch.

Do take care of yourself and don’t let patrons down

One way to ensure that you don’t let down any of your patrons is to always look your best. This comes by taking care of yourself – emotionally, mentally and physically. You might be on call anytime to come to work, so ensure that you are always on top notch. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to invest in quality shoes to reduce aches and pains from standing for hours on end. If you fail to take care of your feet, it can lead to personal hygiene issues and injury. Also, a healthy mind is less likely to cause mess-ups. A mess up could lead to the company paying extra for machinery finance – and that’s the last thing your want.

Don’t take without asking

Taking anything, whether it be a slice of bread can lead to disciplinary actions against an employee. No matter how big or small, clearly lay down the rules for all employees for the do’s and dont’s when it concerns eating at the restaurant. Some management processes are quite strict and view it as stealing. Their strict policies are there to ensure that a standard is set and met each day, thus ensuring that the quality of work and behaviour from employees are always up to standard.

All round safety at work

There are tons of machinery finance that are paid each year, to ensure the restaurant has the best quality machinery. These equipment can be heavy and dangerous, so be careful and follow the safety procedure at all times. Avoid short cuts as these normally cause major accidents in the kitchen especially. Many employees have injured themselves from hot kitchen equipment and slippery floors. Pay close attention when attending the health and safety workshop as it could possibly save your life or the life of a co-worker.