The price of a Grande Latte around the world

They call it a “Grande Latte” as though it were still the preserve of Italian coffee lovers – but that most comforting of coffee drinks is now an international luxury. The ever-expanding Starbucks empire is a dubious trend to many observers, but among them we would be sure to find a few guilty-faced coffee slurpers anxious to get their fix beyond the confines of la bella Italia or their local coffee joint.

The infographic below thus serves a dual purpose for the caffeine-quaffing traveller on a budget. By identifying the relative price (in British pounds) of a milky coffee in 31 different cities around the globe, you not only get a tip-off as to whether you should be binge drinking the free refill coffee at your hotel breakfast, but a pretty good guide to the cost of living in one place or another.

If you’re setting off Scandinavia-way, for example, you’ll definitely want to pack a flask: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki are all among the most expensive Starbucks lattes in the world. You won’t get much change from a British fiver in Denmark!

Things look livelier out east, with Bulgaria, Turkey and Malaysia among those propping up the latte price table. In the other direction, you can offset the effects of last night’s tequila with a £1.73 grand latte in Mexico City – and New York and Toronto are surprisingly cheap, leading one to speculate that maybe coffee is considered a basic human right in those hectic cities.

These price disparities can largely be explained by the cost of labour and shop rental in each location, so if you’re thinking to soak up that latte with a Big Mac, it’s likely to be a double-whammy in Denmark – or an all-round bargain in Bulgaria.