Where luxury coffee comes from (part 2)

Hot beverage on coffe beans.

Most can’t do without at least one cup of coffee daily. It’s the buzz that gets you going in the morning and the added boost you may need to get through the night. It’s no surprise then that folks all over the world have love for the coffee bean. Each country which produces the best coffee in the world has their own quirks and some might say this is why they are known as the best in the world of coffee. The list of the greatest coffee bean distributors continues:




Vietnam has the second largest coffee producing coffee plantation in the world, producing more than 1,650,000,000 kilograms coffee in 2015 alone. A winning blend of coffee from this region is a coffee brew mixed with sweetened condensed milk. The Vietnamese war caused an intermission of production during this time, yet coffee remained a huge part of the Vietnamese economy.




Uganda may predictably be last on the list when expecting luxury coffee, however, the country is central Africa’s top-earning exporter of coffee. Uganda grows Robusta beans, which is native to the Kibale forest area and Arabica beans from nearby Ethiopia. Coffee is a vital part of the Ugandan economy. They export coffee to all neighbouring countries and aid in coffee farming in Nigeria. A large part of the population works in coffee related industries. Before 1991 government privatisation coffee production was reasonably unsuccessful, after which a strong revival in the sector led to an increase of production ever since. The government still has control over the industry, but the exportation of coffee is controlled by the Uganda Coffee Development Authority.




Not just any region of India is suited for coffee production as most of the plantation of coffee beans is situated in the hilly tracts of southern India. India’s coffee is enriched by a spicy aroma and taste as the beans are often planted alongside spices such as cardamom and cinnamon. The beans are grown by small growers in monsoon rainfall conditions. While tea might be the most popular beverage in India, in 2014 the Indian coffee brand, Tata, won three gold medals at the Grand Cus De Cafe Competition.