Why real cooks use gas ovens

kitchenThere are many pros and cons to consider between a gas and an electric cooking range. If you are serious about your cooking though then a gas oven is a good choice for you.

So why gas?

First of all there is the better response speed. Electric burners take several minutes to reach cooking temperatures, whereas gas burners respond immediately when ignited. You can also reduce the heat quickly, taking your concoction from a rumbling boil to a gentle simmer in no time flat.

With an electric stove on the other hand you might need to move your pan away from the burner when the heat is too much because you can’t precisely control the temperature.

This speed applies inside the oven as well. Almost as soon as you turn on the oven you have instant, constant heat from the flames that spread throughout the oven.

The advantage for cooking isn’t necessarily about the speed though. It’s about control. Being able to easily and efficiently control the temperature is useful when you are serious about the quality of your cooking.

With a gas model, like with an Elba gas stove, you can cook your food more quickly, evenly and with a higher degree of control than with an electric model.

Additionally, with gas you have a visual indicator of a flame letting you know how hot it is. This is more useful then you might think at first. It’s convenient to be able to gauge with a single glance the actual temperature and you can fine-tune the flame to the desired level.

There are of course other considerations that matter when choosing between gas and electric. For instance, there is cost and effort involved for setting up a gas stove as it’s not as simple as buying an electric model and just plugging it in. That being said, a gas stove is more energy efficient and saves money in the long run. Also, some people find it easier to keep an electric stove clean, while others find a gas stove easier to maintain and repair.

In general, a gas stove is a popular option among professional chefs. Although, it should be mentioned that if you ask the professionals, they will tell you that it’s your cooking skills that matter, not the stove you use.